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Stil wasting time trying to meet your SoulMate online? 

Let me help.

I will sort through the near misses, skip the past life karma, steer around those you will outgrow and find your best match using all the secrets of the stars.

Call me now and sign up for Free  512-965-2638

      As a member, you'll be invited to our live matchmaking events around the world. The Matchmakers Ball is a fun filled evening of matchmaking and music where Star Crossed Lovers are connected.  The Matchmakers Ball is an exciting opportunity to experience the magic of the stars in your life.  We will email invitations to you of event dates and locations so you can plan ahead and join in the fun as we travel the world in a matchmaking whirl.

Can't make it to a Matchmaker's Ball...not to worry. We'll soon be able to match you another way with our Quick Match buttons anytime you Log In. And if you think you're really just impossible to match and all the above won't work for you then Call Our Astrologers. We have astrologers ready to take your call who will look for that rare person who's a match for you using our amazing technology. Whatever way you choose...we've go you covered and we can get you matched. If you're still not convinced then Ask about our VIP Services

Since 1988 Jean has been making Divine Love Connections.  With our match you will have great chemistry and natural compatibility for the kind of relationship you can build a life or a business around.  With our proprietary technology we skip the near misses, the pastlife karma, and the ones you will outgrow so enroll now at Soulmate Signup. .           What to expect when you Signup

Members find notices of matches when we post a note in your account at Member Login.  Log in at your convenience.  After you are matched, connect by emailing one another, exchanging photos and getting acquainted.  To learn more about each other just email me for a reading appointment at jean@jeangreer.com. We are here to help you get off to a successful start.

Protect your privacy and locate the right relationship the easy way.  We are your #1 source for Soulmates Connections.   Join other members for Star*Match Events and Singles Cruises. 

Matching services with Greer Education Inc. are international and open to all races and religions.  Greer Education Inc. is an Education and Research Inititive..

Email Jean@jeangreer.com for more information or call 512-264-2638.

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